January 29, 2023

Ridgefield, Connecticut Residents Say, "Let The Hunting Begin"

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It was a packed crowd of more than 700 voting residence of the town of Ridgefield, Connecticut who turned out to decide on whether hunting of deer should be allowed on town-owned property. The crowd spilled to the exits and even up onto the stage at the Cleves Auditorium of the Veterans Park School.

The vote wasn’t even close and the crowd quickly voted to move the question to a vote. The results showed 531 voting yes to allow hunting and 194 voting against the measure.

“I think it’s over. It wasn’t even close,” Save the Deer Chairman Barry Corn said after the results were announced.

Rules and conditions of the hunt will be set up by the Deer Management Committee as agreed upon by the Conservation Commission and approved by the Board of Selectmen.

Tom Remington