November 28, 2023

Hunt For Prize Money – With a Tranquilizer Gun?

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The World Hunting Association, founded in Michigan by a realtor, announced that it has formed a hunting league that will tour the world to provide competitive hunting for deer and other animals. These competitions will be held on private game ranches that meet specific criteria established by the Safari Club. Hunting will also be done with tranquilizer guns.

The inaugural event will take place in the WHA’s home state of Michigan with a prize of $500,000. The professional hunting league will then travel to different locations to compete.

This is a completely new idea to me and one that I am not sure how I feel for sure at this time. My initial response is not favorable but I would suppose it has its place. Some have said it would be good for local economies, which I think I would have to agree. Others have said it would give hunting a better perspective to those opposed to killing animals for sport. Ummmmm…….I don’t think so! That might be just wishful thinking.

Still other people are all fired up about the prospects and are already asking if it will become a spectator sport and/or a televised event. I can see it now. “Hey, popcorn, peanuts, doe in heat!! Git yer buck lure right here!”

Don’t look for U.S. Hunting Today to be sponsoring any events in the near future.

Tom Remington