January 31, 2023

Who Says The Media Isn't Biased?

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The Orlando Sentinel runs a story today about how things are being handled in many central Florida counties concerning self-defense shootings after the new law that clarifies the right to defend oneself. The new law took affect on October 1, 2006.

At issue with me is the headline: “Gun Law Triggers at Least 13 Shootings”. This is typical liberal mantra, as if a law forced people to go out and shoot more people. The artical looks at incidents where people shot others who were on their property or attempting to break in or rob them of their personal belongings. Each of the incidents is being handled in the same way as always, except now anti-gun people have something more to complain about.

You will also find in the article how the criminal is now made out to be the victim. This is part of the anti-gun lies, deception and fear-instilling tactics they use to promote their personal agendas.

What will happen is in time when the crime rate drops because thugs and thieves will think twice before entering someone else’s property to commit a crime, these same liberal journalists will fail to bring to its readers, stories about how a new law “triggers safer neighborhoods“!

In all there is nothing new here but to place a bold headline that claims that a new law made people go out and shoot innocent people is hogwash and irresponsible.

Tom Remington