December 11, 2023

Pay Big Money To Go To College – Don't Get Any Smarter!

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A University of Southern Illinois student from China is suing the college because they didn’t protect her from deer attacks. A doctoral student, Nancy Wang, suffered minor injuries when she was attacked by a doe deer protecting her young.

Back in May, I brought you this little tidbit about students being attacked. There is a pathway that leads around the perimeter of the campus where students often walk. This event of deer being in close proximity is nothing new on campus and students have been told repeatedly to be aware of animals and to leave baby deer alone.

The surrounding area near the campus is overrun by deer and college officials refuse to allow anything to be done about the problem. I’m sure it is the same people being attacked that agressively fight to protect the deer from being reduced in population.

Being a student working toward becoming a doctor doesn’t necessarily make you a bright person. To fight to protect the deer, knowingly approach a deer after being told it was dangerous and then sue those who told you, is not what I would consider to be doctorate material.

Tom Remington