June 6, 2023

Heading For The North Country

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By the time you read this, I will be on the road heading for Allagash, Maine. My good friend and U.S. Hunting Today’s chief photographer, Milt Inman, and I (along with our wives to keep us in line) are headed for the Allagash Sporting Camps to work.

Don’t laugh. You know some people have jobs that are so much fun, it is hard to classify it as work.

The Allagash Sporting Camps are owned and operated by Mike Paquette. He has been gracious enough to host us for a few days in order to cover an event he is hosting next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The event is his annual Whitetail Tracking School. The meat and potatoes of the school will be run by the Benoit brothers and promises to be an extremely educational event.

It is open to the first fifteen who register and pay their fee.

Milt and I will be photographing, filming and writing stories. Rumor has it we may even be able to find some down time and get in a little fishing.

I have taken several hours of my time and searched out a few stories and written a commentary or two that will get posted each day here. Although the posting will be light, it will continue and if there is any real breaking news, Steve will make sure you are kept informed.

I will be back here at my camp table bright and early next Wednesday morning – unless the fishing is really good.

Tom Remington