December 5, 2022

You Can't Have It Both Ways

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Michigan will probably not have a dove hunting season this year. As a matter of fact, they may never have one. Efforts have been underway in Michigan for some time now by anti-“whatever” groups to ban dove hunting. A measure will be presented to MIchigan voters in November.

A new study shows that small game hunting licenses are on the decline nationwide and dove hunting in particular has taken a hit of about 8%.

But before you go drawing conclusions of any kind, let me tell you a bit about the study. The study was funded by and conducted by the Humane Society of the United States. You can get up off the floor now because I know you are shocked by that news.

This study is supposed to prove that if Michigan were to offer a hunting season on mourning doves, not only would it not bring the state any new revenue, it would have a negative affect on the state’s economy. Can you believe that? WOW!

The authors of the study, of which I won’t bore you with the long list of credits that go with their names, say that because nobody wants to hunt doves, nobody new will buy a hunting license, therefore no new money. They also say that bird watchers spend more money in Michigan than do hunters. That’s a crock if I ever heard one.

But what really gets me is that in other arguments by the HSUS, they relent about how economics shouldn’t dictate whether or not states have a hunting season on game. They use this argument in an attempt to convince people that men murder poor defenseless animals because somebody makes a buck off it.

Now they are attempting to use that same argument for their own purposes of banning hunting – trying to prove that hunting generates no revenue and for that reason, hunting doves should be banned.

So to the HSUS I have to ask, “Which is it?” Should hunting be banned because people are making money from the murder of innocent little animals or should hunting be banned because it doesn’t make any money for businesses across the state?

Hunters don’t double speak out all ends. They present the debate for what it is and that’s that people like those involved with extreme animal rights activism are willing to lie, cheat and steal to promote their ridiculous programs.

Tom Remington