December 1, 2022

Big Buck Tracking School

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We did attend the Benoit Brothers Big Buck Tracking School in Allagash last weekend. I am working on a story that is going to take some time to complete and get approved for accuracy.

Below are two pictures Milt Inman took of Lanny Benoit and Lane Benoit sharing some of their secrets with those in attendance. They had a lot to say and you had to pay attention. Sometimes they even said things that pissed a few people off. All in all, I think everyone had a good time.

Lanny Benoit at Big Buck Tracking School in Allagash, Maine

In the above picture, Lanny Benoit explains to a young hunter some of his past experiences as a tracker of big bucks.

Lane Benoit Offers Some Advice

In this photo, Lane Benoit offers some advice about how to recognize a big buck track and decisions he uses to decide whether to follow them or not.

I will bring you small excerpts from the trip and events that took place that will not appear in the feature story at Maine Hunting Today.

Tom Remington