March 21, 2023

Gun Rights Protest At UN on Monday

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I have always believed that when one story, perhaps one that interests many people, breaks, the majority of media providers jump on the bandwagon and start printing similarly related stories. This seems to be the case about gun rights when the announcement came a few days ago that the United Nations was planning a conference, to take place during our 4th of July holiday, to begin efforts to find a way to strip people of guns worldwide. The news now seems to be inundated with many gun rights related stories.

In opposition to the anti-gun conference coming up at the UN, a protest is scheduled outside the UN on Monday, June 26.

When: Monday June 26th 2006, 10AM

Where: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, near 47th St & 1st Avenue in Manhattan, New York, New York, at the United Nations.
What: A demonstration is planned to protest the “United Nations Small Arms Review Conference 2006”, a gathering of gun control proponents from governments and organizations around the world who are scheming to help the U.N. implement its plans for universal gun control and thus the global domination of all peoples.

Who: The “U.N.-Welcome” protest event is organized by Gun Rights Activism Partners, a new organization devoted solely to doing political activism in support of the individual’s human right to own and carry concealed firearms and to excercise their human right of self-defense. Gun Rights Activism Partners was founded by Dave Forgione, Stephen Harwood and Nic Leobold, each of whom are gun rights activists in New York City and who are concerned about the increasing erosion of the individual rights, propery rights, freedom, self-ownership, and privacy security of the American people.

Why: “Gun control was always used to render populations defenseless before all the major genocides of the past century. And it’s been no different now in the beginning of the 21st Century, when people all over the world are at the mercy of authoritarian and repressive governments. Let’s also keep in mind that the right and ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones from aggression is the epitome of what Human Rights should be all about. So preserving our gun rights is not just a nice luxury, it’s a matter of life and death, and a matter of the survival of Freedom itself,” says Nic Leobold, one of GRAP’s (Gun Rights Activism Partners) founding directors.

“For too long, politicians have framed the gun rights debate in terms of vague slogans such as ‘fighting crime’ and ‘public safety’, instead of in terms of individual rights, human rights, and self-ownership, which are really the true values Western society is supposed to be based on. The politicians’ slogans are really a cover for their true objectives, which are to keep their populations under iron-fisted control, unable to resist paying excessive taxes or resist infringments of their civil rights, and made to feel dependent on authorities and government for everything, instead of feeling independent and building their own lives. And While all truly scientifically-based studies have proven that gun control doesn’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals, and actually is a cause of violent crime increasing, common sense dictates that when peaceful, decent citizens
are denied the means to defend themselves, then of course they’re more vulnerable to being harmed by bad people or bad governments, and experience bears this out. We see examples of it in Great Britain and Australia, who recently banned private ownership of guns, and since the bans took effect violent crime and property crime have syrocketed in those
countries. And millions of human beings are being tortured, enslaved, or merely exploited by dictatorships worldwide, not to mention in many countries that are supposed to be tolerant democracies. We’re not going to let that happen here in the United States,” Leobold says.

GRAP’s “U.N.-Welcome” demonstration on Monday will feature the assembly in front of the United Nations starting at 10am, exactly when U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan welcomes his fellow U.N. thugs and dictators to the Small Arms Conference. In this way, the gun rights and human rights community will bear witness and hold U.N. leaders and delegates to account for their human rights abuses and immoral plans.

After the protest ends at 1pm, participants will fan out across mid-town Manhattan in pairs of two to hand out gun rights literature to New Yorkers on the streets, broadcasting their message of human rights and self-defense rights throughout the media capital of the world.

For more information and interviews, please contact:
Nic Leobold of Gun Rights Activism
Partners at email: nleobold(at), 212-228-9255, or 917-526-3591.

Tom Remington