January 27, 2023

More On AHSA

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Last month I introduced you to a new organization called American Hunters and Shooters Association, dubbed as an alternative to the NRA. This morning the Gazette-Times of Corvallis, Oregon has a commentary article about the AHSA. The writer seems to speak favorably about the AHSA mainly because it is obvious he/she does not support the NRA because of what he/she describes as what the AHSA is all about.

AHSA appears to be the answer to the prayers of a lot of shooters and gun owners who have become disillusioned with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and their fear mongering, we’re-surrounded-by-enemies-so-hurry-up-and-send-us-money approach to the gun ownership issue.

AHSA’s approach is more measured. From their website www.huntersandshooters.org: “AHSA vigorously defends the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, promotes safe and responsible gun use, and supports reasonable public policies, so that all Americans can enjoy the benefits of this crucial and historic liberty.”

In other words, they are at least willing to talk to law enforcement agencies and lawmakers about ways to limit gun violence while protecting our rights to own and use firearms for legitimate purposes. Communication, cooperation, compromise. What concepts!

The writer, Pat Wray, does go on to explain that even though an interview was conducted with the founders of AHSA, he is skeptical enough to play the wait and see game to see how they really act and react to issues concerning gun rights. Of course this is the only way of knowing exactly what avenue they are looking to travel down but I think my own skepticism runs much deeper than Wray’s.

In my previous article I told about the backgrounds of each of the founders of AHSA.

The founders are interesting and should pretty much lay the basis for the organization. Robert Ricker is executive director and once served as a lobbyist for the NRA and has in recent years testified in court against the gun industry. He says he left the NRA because of their “all or nothing” attitude.

John Rosenthal is the co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence and is a Boston real estate developer. He is a former board member of the Brady Campaign. He too claims he left the Brady Campaign because of their “all or nothing” attitude.

I am far from convinced that anyone who is co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence AND a former board member of the Brady Campaign is not someone I want representing me on 2nd Amendment issues. Not that it’s impossible for someone to have an epiphany about something like this but the odds might be greater to win the Lottery.

The AHSA will not get any of my money for membership until we see if the sheep’s clothing begins to morph into more of what resembles a wolf.

Tom Remington