February 4, 2023

Hunting, Fishing Epic Emphasizes Adventure, Conservation, Safety

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Bowhunting, fishing, waterfowl, wild boars and conservation rarely meet in a single setting.

But that is exactly what viewers of the new outdoors DVD, “Wild Life and Wild Times” experience.

“The idea was to take a few years worth of outdoor adventures and condense into one fun, action packed and educational DVD,” said “Wild Life and Wild Times” co-host and award-winning author/adventure Chester Moore.

Along with Manowar vocalist and master bowhunter education instructor Eric Adams, Moore has created a product that emphasize and resource responsibility.

“This is fun stuff. In addition, I think if we want to reach a young audience, you have to show fun. The days of a video or TV host catching a 15-pound bass and reacting something like a cross between a corpse and mime are gone. You have to show you’re having out there and on this DVD we are,” Moore said.

He and Adams are also noting the importance of conservation.

“We hunt bison on this DVD and we note the fact in 1900 there were only 500 of them. Now, there are 500,000. That’s an amazing tribute to the conservation efforts of hunters, particularly those private landowners who raised bison to hunt,” Moore said.

“Some are critical of bison hunts on private land, but the fact is without those ranchers meeting the hunters needs the bison population would not be nearly what it is now and I would not have a supply of heart-healthy bison meat in the freezer.”

Adams said the DVD also emphasizes safety and proficiency.

“In my classes I talk a lot about the fun factor of the outdoors but I am honest and tell my students there is a danger element. I’m proud of the fact we address this head on with this DVD and give tips on ways to avoid the pitfalls of the outdoors,” he said.

“We also talk a lot about being proficient with modern archery equipment, firearms and fishing gear to maximize time spent afield to bring home the bacon, salmon or venison.”

During the course of this visual excursion, Moore and Adams pursue such varied and exotic prey as emus, American bison, king salmon, elk, wild boar, and many more.

They also investigate the unique phenomenon of rattlesnake roundups and venture into the night with television host Nathan Jones for a rousing bowfishing trip.

“In the process, we used 33 arrows, 39 shotgun shells, 16 tree stands, four skinning knives, three sets of binoculars, four video cameras, 48 digital video tapes, flew more than 50,000 miles, drove 3,000 miles and gave 100 percent of ourselves every minute in the field and in the editing studio,” Adams said.

“It really was a wild time!”

For more information on the DVD go to http://www.wildlifeandwildtimes.com


“This DVD is a must have! Here is just another example of Eric Adams at FULL throttle! The wild man that you see slamming it out on stage in front of thousands brings the same energy to the hunting arena! I have personally hunted with Eric on many occasions and take it from me: Eric is not your typical hunter and this is NOT your typical hunting DVD!”
“Wild Extremes” television host Nathan Jones

“Chester and Eric are aggressive participants in the outdoors and they know what they are talking about. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about sharing their experiences with others no matter what kind of media they choose. In today’s world it would be nice to have more folks like them.”

“Fishing & Outdoor Adventures” and “Hunting & Outdoor Adventures” host Keith Warren.

Tom Remington