December 2, 2022

WANTED!!! – Again! and Again and Again and Again and…..

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Several months ago we posted this picture of an Alaska outlaw who was wanted. We have never been sure just what he was wanted for but below this first picture is a new picture of a suspect who we believe is the same person, also wanted.

If you let your children read the Black Bear Blog without censoring what they see and read, you might need to change that policy after viewing the below photo.

He was last seen in the northern Maine woods. We are not sure what kind of predicatment he got himself into but we are sure he hasn’t been tangling with one of those big northern Maine black bears. Once we find out more information on just what attacked him, we’ll report it here first to you.

If anyone has seen this man, as scary as he appears, do not approach him. He is considered to be dangerous – just ask his wife.

Seen several months ago in Alaska:

Alaska Outlaw

This photo taken only days ago in the north Maine woods.

Maine Outlaw

Again, please be forwarned. DO NOT APPROACH!!

Tom Remington