October 5, 2022

Idaho Man Sentenced For Killing Moose And Choking A Man Unconscious

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That’s all he did! The story goes something like this. A resident in Idaho heard gunshots coming from in front of his home. He went outside to investigate. He saw a pickup truck with people in it (not sure how many). Someone in the truck, believed to be the accused, Shaun Satterfield, had shot and killed a moose.

The owner confronted the trespassers and one thing led to another. The homeowner was assaulted by Satterfield and choked unconscious and left on the ground.

In court Satterfield told the judge he was sorry for choking the victim but Fish and Game officials say he has never shown any remorse for illegally killing the moose.

Satterfield, in a plea arrangement, was sentenced to five years probation, $1,500 in fines, loss of hunting priviledges for life and ordered to attend anger management classes in hopes he’ll not choke another man.

At one point during the sentencing hearing, Satterfield told the judge he didn’t kill the moose, one of his children did. During original statements, the children in the truck that day said that Satterfield shot the moose. The kids have since changed their statements several times angering the court.

Judge Peter McDermott had this to say,

“I never want to be in the position of having to sentence an innocent person, but you’re not innocent. You’ve pled guilty to this and you did it.”

Fish and Game officials agreed with the sentencing saying it was quite appropriate.

Tom Remington