February 2, 2023

Colorado Okays Trapping Mink and Pine Marten

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The Colorado Division of Wildlife riled the animal rights activists by voting to allow trapping of mink and marten. Animal rights groups had effectively banned trapping in Colorado by approving a constitutional amendment banning leg-hold traps, instant kill body-gripping traps, poisons and snares. The only traps that remained that were legal to use were box and live traps.

The Colorado Trappers Association had requested of the DOW to resume the trapping of nine fur-bearers that have been off limits to trapping since 1995. DOW opted for approval of mink and pine marten and that has angered many animal rights groups.

Beginning November 1, 2006, trappers will have a 4-month season where they will be allowed to trap as many mink and marten as they can.

A spokesman for the DOW says the decision to open up mink and marten trapping was “scientifically balanced” and based on anecdotal evidence – sightings, tracks and scat. They believe the animals are abundant enough to warrant a season and allow trappers to take advantage of one of Colorado’s natural resources.

Tom Remington