February 7, 2023

Vermont Man Culls Coyotes His Own Way

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Wayne Dion, 58 of Irasburg, Vermont has taken on the role of coyote control into his own hands and manages quite well according to him. It all began several years ago when Wayne’s wife Jennie, also an avid hunter, shot a trophy whitetail buck in the field behind their home with a bow and arrow. It was at just about dark when she shot the deer and it ran off into the woods. They opted to return in the morning to locate the deer. When they returned, the carcass of the deer was picked to the bone by coyotes. That is when Wayne declared war on the coyotes.

He now bags about 60 a year and says he has pretty much taken care of the coyote population in his area for now. Wayne makes claims that are directly in opposition to what wildlife experts tell the rest of us.

“Coyotes kill between 50 and 80 percent of the new whitetail fawns born in the spring,” he said. “By shooting all of these coyotes every year the deer herd has improved 100 percent.”

Kim Royer of the Vermont Department of Fish and Game disagrees with Dion.

Some wildlife biologists, however, disagree. One of them is Kim Royer with the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife who said that, yes, coyotes kill deer, but there is no reason to believe they actually regulate the deer population.

She cited studies done in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts where it was found that only about 5 percent of fawn mortality was due to coyotes. She said the biggest threat to deer is the loss of winter habitat.

Vermont is home to a controversial coyote hunting derby but Dion does not participate. He has gone to watch with an interest in how many of the critters are killed.

You can read more about Dion’s efforts and how he shoots his coyotes by visiting this site.

Tom Remington