November 28, 2022

Another Progressive Attempting To Explain Why I Can't Own Guns

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I strongly support the freedom (I’m just not sure it’s a “right”) of every responsible person to own as many rifles and handguns as they want to

That is part of the last paragraph of a column in today’s Gainsville Times (Florida) by Mike Freeman. The title of his piece is “Second Amendment Murky on Gun ‘Rights'”.

I thought his article was an explanation of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – the right to keep and bear arms. As I began reading his article, I could see that he was repeating the same junk every other Tom, Dick and Harry has done since the beginning of time. It became clear though that Freeman wasn’t interested so much in explaining what James Madison meant as dumping on the NRA.

All of this suggests that the National Rifle Association’s relentless crusade to oppose any realistic gun control legislation that it believes infringes on individual citizens’ “right” to purchase, own and fire any type of rifle or handgun that he or she chooses, is without any clear-cut foundation.

And therefore, the crusade appears to be nothing more than one more influence-peddling, money-raising effort to feed the egos of its leadership, and to promote among its members and supporters a false sense of security that they are in a successful fight to protect their inalienable rights from government encroachment.

I’m certainly not here to defend the NRA. Perhaps Mr. Freeman is correct in his assessment of the NRA but stick to the subject at hand – the Second Amendment.

Americans love to complicate everything. It’s what they do best. If you take the simplest of life’s enjoyments, Americans can complicate it and make it confusing, twist it, turn it and manipulate it so it fits their own definition. The Second Amendment is no different.

Freeman wants you and I to believe that nobody knows what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the Second Amendment. He wants us to believe it is vague, misleading and had no forethought by our leaders of the day.

He even makes a poor attempt to refute that we as individuals aren’t granted the right to bear arms to ensure that our government will never turn against its people.

If you don’t think it’s a false sense of security try this: Take the most powerful, sophisticated weapon at your disposal. Now try to imagine how effective it would be against an AH-1W “Super Cobra,” an F/A-18 or an M1A1 Abrams battle tank.

Really, Mr. Freeman! If James Madison was that stupid why should he or any of the others have even tried. What was the most powerful, sophisticated weapon in his day? The cannon? The horse? Politicians? A musket of many years ago could kill the same as an AK-47 can today. It is a means for an “individual” to defend themself. Cannons, super cobras, Abrams tanks and F/A-18 fighter jets do not kill anyone – the individual in control of it has that power.

If we were to use Freeman’s logic and skewed reasoning, we must then limit how many automobiles, golf clubs, baseball bats, kitchen knives and an entire host of other tangible items Americans can own. All of these things can be used as a weapon to kill another human being. They are no different than a gun. It’s the idiot on the other end that needs to be limited.

Freeman suggests that any law abiding American citizen who chooses to “own as many rifles and handguns as they want to”, is not responsible. I personally think that more harm is caused our society by people owning and driving more than one automobile but I don’t seek to take away that driver’s right and priviledge to do so. The driver may get mad and use his car to kill someone. Should we then work toward limiting how many cars and what kinds he can own?
Mr. Freeman completes his rant with typical liberal junk that is being spewed throughout our society. Get a load of this.

My frustration is that, because of the NRA, we are so ineffective in keeping those guns away from the crazies and young children.

PAALEEAASSEE!!!!!! If this isn’t so typical. The NRA is now to blame for criminals using guns and parents for not taking responsibility in keeping their guns away from their children.

This is the garbage being taught to our children today. It is part of our progressive, socialistic society that is destroying us. Our entire Constitution is being dismantled and rearranged by the progressive liberals in an attempt to make it better fit their lifestyles.

The Second Amendment is no different than any other. People, like Freeman, believe that if they do their part to educate enough people by telling them falsehoods, we can change the Constitution to fit a progressive lifestyle.

The Second Amendment is very clear. To state that it is not is only a projection of the of the one defining it.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Tom Remington