February 6, 2023

American Soldiers In Iraq Taking Hunter Safety Classes

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Americans love to hunt and being halfway around the globe fighting a war on terrorism isn’t going to deter soldiers from taking care of business so they can go hunting for deer and other game when they return stateside.

Nearly every state in the Union now requires first-time hunters to take a safety course before they can get a license to hunt. These classes are usually free and are taught by certified instructors who volunteer their time to do it.

Such is the case for Command Sergeant Major Tod Glidewell of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade stationed in Iraq. He conducts hunter’s safety classes for GIs.

Sergeant Ryan Matson submitted a story about the happenings in Iraq along with photos. Please visit our U.S. Hunting Today website affiliate Kentucky Hunting Today and read the whole story.

We will also post the story at several other U.S. Hunting Today affiliate sites.

Tom Remington