January 28, 2023

Wisconsin Judge Goes Easy On Old Man Found Guilty In Connection With Adam Lawinger

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Do you remember the Adam Lawinger story? He teamed up with Richard Limmex, 73 of Spring Green, Wisconsin in a game poaching ring. Lawinger was found guilty on numerous counts and is spending time behind bars. Lawinger was a registered guide conducting illegal hunts involving dozens of clients and making a bundle of money doing it.

He partnered up with Limmex who leased his lands to Lawinger for the hunts, knowing full well what was going on. Limmex also made a substantial amount of money from the deal. He charged $1,000 a hunt to use his land.

The ring has been busted up and many people charged and found guilty. Limmex is the latest being found guilty but because he is old and has a heart condition, the judge went easy on him.

District Judge Barbara Crabb said only Limmex’s age and heart condition prevented her from sending him to prison for conspiring with guide Adam Lawinger to violate multiple state and federal hunting regulations between October 2002 and May 2005.

While prosecutors put Limmex’s net worth at $2.3 million, and a $6,700 monthly cash flow, Crabb said Limmex was motivated by greed to allow out-of-state hunters on the 1,000 acres he owned or leased.

“Your conduct shows that when push comes to shove, what matters most is lining your own pockets, even by illegal ventures,” Crabb said.

Ultimately Limmex was found guilty and was ordered to be on probation for three years, and confined to house confinement for nine months. In addition, he was fined $30,000 and ordered to make restitution to the Department of Natural Resources for $46, 625.

Tom Remington