December 3, 2023

Wolves Devouring Their Hi-Tech and Very Expensive Radio Collars

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In Idaho, a certain wolf pack near Idaho City is chewing off and eating the radio collars placed on them by officials to track them. Yes, this is expensive and yes don’t you think it’s time to replace the leather collars with something different? Or better yet, forget it. This is just a prime example of a waste of taxpayers money to go toward watching a species that only a few romantics care about.

The wolf is an animal that few people care about. Most dislike it for numerous reasons – oh, like they eat up your pet dog, attack and kill people, livestock, baby game animals and just about anything if they are hungry enough, to name just a few.

Because the beast is protected by law, we have to monitor and manage its every movement to ensure it is surviving when most people hope it doesn’t. Now we got officials who announce the wolves are destroying the radio collars and they can’t explain why.

Here’s a few reasons. How about there are too many of them and they are hungry? How about they, like any dog I’ve ever seen, don’t like things put around their neck. Would you? Maybe, as one reporter put it, they eat what the collar is made from – duh! One Idaho game official said he thought perhaps the wolf was bored. Are you kidding me?

The bottom line is who cares why they are eating it. Stop wasting my money tracking the vicious predator. The sooner we de-list this animal the better off we all will be. We can become sensible again and kill off three-quarters of them and things will return to normal.

In the meantime, if stupid laws say we have to follow them around, then find a collar they can’t chew. These collars aren’t cheap you know, or do you even care? With the federal government and now most state governments, money grows on trees.

I don’t think this story is funny at all.

Tom Remington