January 27, 2023

Analyzing The Candidates – Question Three

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Analyzing the Candidates – Question Three

Before I move on to question three, let me say for those perhaps jumping into the middle of this debate that I asked four candidates for Maine’s Governor to participate in an online interview. I requested that they respond to six questions concerning hunting, fishing, trapping and the outdoors. Those candidates asked were incumbent democratic Governor John Baldacci, republican hopeful Chandler Woodcock, independent candidate Barbara Merrill and green party member Patricia LaMarche. I received responses from all except LaMarche.

Previous post on Question One and Question Two here.

Now on to question number three. Once again I will present the question as it was given to each of the candidates, followed by their responses and then my analysis and commentary.

Question Three:

As governor, would you move toward changing any current laws regarding the right to keep and bear arms? Please be specific.

Governor Baldacci’s response:Maine Governor John Baldacci

Answer 3. I will propose no change to current firearms laws, and will oppose any additional restrictions on ownership, possession, sale, or use of firearms.

Chandler Woodcock’s response:Woodcock.jpg

3.I am a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and therefore see no need for restrictive bills.

Barbara Merrill’s response:Merrill.jpg

3. I would not.

My analysis:

Disappointed wouldn’t even begin to describe how I feel about the responses I received to this question. In my humble opinion the candidates squandered an opportunity to garner many, many votes, not only from hunters but also from law-abiding citizens interested in being able to protect themselves, their property and family.

I don’t believe an election was ever won on a firm stance in support of our 2nd Amendment rights but countless of them were lost. None of the candidates chose to even stick their big toe into this debate. I asked them to be specific and got shut out.

Woodcock makes an interesting statement – one that perhaps I am reading into too much. He says, “I am a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and therefore see no need for restrictive bills”. If this were true then he would be working to restore the rights of the lawful citizens of Maine concerning gun rights. Perhaps a more accurate statement for him would have been “I support the 2nd Amendment as I interpret it, therefore………”.

Baldacci points out immediately that he will propose no changes. That’s unfortunate. That tells us that he is in support of the restrictions that are in place. He does state that he would oppose any other restrictions. I wonder.

Merrill should have jumped on this issue as an independent candidate. Maine is fiercely independent in much of their social and political views and I personally believe a lot of Maine people are lurking about waiting for her to make her move. This issue could have gone a long way in her effort.

I hope that each of the candidates is fully aware of campaigns such as New York mayor Bloomberg’s to eradicate the world of guns. Closely involved in that effort is our friends to the south in Massachusetts who not only want to ban all guns but want to force neighboring states, like Maine, to follow their lead.

I had hoped for a better response from the candidates that would give all our readers a true look into the thoughts of each one on 2nd Amendment issues. That didn’t happen. Perhaps in another interview, I will choose the wording of my question on this issue in a different way. I’m not sure I would have gotten any different response.

They chose a safe route to take and therefore none of them get a nod from me on question three.

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Tom Remington