January 31, 2023

Bear Bites Man Asleep in a Tent on Russian River, Alaska

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The Russian River Campground on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska is a popular spot for campers. As a matter of fact my good friend and chief photographer for U.S. Hunting Today, Milt Inman, has spent many a night at that campground summers while fishing in Alaska. I’ve included one of his photos that he has taken of some of the bears there.

Three grizzlies.jpg

Milt Inman Photo – Alaska 2005
Daniel Kuczero was sleeping in his tent while other friends and family were camped nearby in an enclosed RV. Kuczero said he was awoken by something tugging at the nylon tent. Earlier he had heard someone’s dog wandering about the campground and assumed that was probably what it was, until he got bitten on the shoulder. Then he assumed it was a bear.

At first he thought maybe it was a bear and decided the best thing to do was play dead. That’s when he got bit. That’s also when he began yelling which frightened the bear away. Some nearby campers heard the yelling and came to his aid.

Kuczero’s nephew was sleeping in an RV next to his tent and saw a bear running off but couldn’t really tell through tinted windows the color and size of it.

The owner of the campground said that it wasn’t unusual to have bears rummage through the campsite when people forget and leave food out but this is the first time he remembers something like this happening.

Two young bears, orphaned when their mother was shot the previous year have hung around and seem to have become completely unafraid of humans. Officials aren’t sure it was one of those bears but suspect it could be.

In the meantime, tenting has been temperarily suspended at the Russian River Campground as well as some of the popular trails that lead to fishing holes after dark.

Tom Remington