December 5, 2022

Big Buck Tracking School With the Benoits

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Most of you probably know this past spring I traveled to Allagash, Maine for a weekend of fun and adventure with the Benoit brothers of Vermont. I’m sure most of you at least have heard of the Benoits, if not, you can visit their website and find out for yourselves.

I am working on a story about the school and hope this will be ready soon. Good things take time right? In explanation, Lanny Benoit asked that I submit a draft of what I would right to make sure it was accurate. This of course takes time.

There were many things that went on over the weekend from learning about the operation of GPS, to target shooting, learning about the actions and reactions of deer and hunters, eating good food and sharing a lot of tales – all of which I’m sure are the truth.

One afternoon we all piled into vehicles and headed for the top of a nearby mountain. Our search was to find a big buck’s track. Tracks were far and few between but not for the reasons you might think. The ground had dried hard and in most places is was almost like concrete.

What I did discover right from the onset is the boys like to talk about deer hunting. I’ve provided a video I put together while we were on top of the mountain. I got a small clip of Lanny and Lane talking about their hunting experiences. I have other videos I will share later as well. (If you would like to download a better quality video, click here and view it with you own media player.)

Tom Remington