January 27, 2023

I'm Not Buying It

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The Boston Globe is running a story from Vermont about how Fish and Wildlife Department officials are teaming up with conservationists and environmentalist in an effort to find ways to increase the number of hunters in that state.

The concern is one that is being talked about all over that nationally the trend is a reduction in the number of new hunters each year. States are coming up with creative ways to get more kids interested in hunting.

What I’m not buying is this story about groups in Vermont opposed to hunting now working with the Fish and Wildlife Department of find more hunters. Their claim is that hunting is actually good for a healthy forest, yada, yada, yada.

“There’s a lot of common ground between people who are interested in forest conservation, hunters, anglers and environmentalists,” said George Gay, executive director of the conservation group the Northern Forest Alliance. “We need to focus on the common ground and stop focusing on the two or three issues that are polarizing us.”

The history of these groups has been to stop hunting no matter what it takes and I see no reason to believe this is an exception. Whether my feelings are justified or not, they have been created by the slimy tactics most of these organizations use to lie and deceive the public about their ultimate goal – to stop hunting.

So, I’m not buying it. On the surface it may look good but I have no reason to believe otherwise. Call me paranoid if you will but that’s the way of it.

Tom Remington