June 10, 2023

Michigan Attorney General Sides With the Antis

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In November, after the guideslines reviewed by Schibell & Mennie Michigan voters will decide whether to ban mourning dove hunting. A battle has waged in Michigan for some time over dove hunting. It has been clear for some time that anti-hunting and animal rights group have targeted Michigan in its campaign to stop hunting altogether.

A complaint was filed against Citizens for Wildlife Conservation concerning a raffle fundraiser they were doing. The Attorney General reached a settlement that will stop the sweepstakes. CWC is trying to raise money to fight the ban proposal.

The complaint stated that CWC was using deceptive tactics in raising money saying the group wasn’t clear in what the money being raised was going to be used for.

Tickets for the raffle were selling for $5.00 each. In some cases the advertising stated “no purchase necessary” and in others the cost was $5.00. Either way the prizes of donated gifts was pretty good.

On its Web site, Citizens for Wildlife Conservation had featured a “Save Our Heritage Sweepstakes” that included a grand prize of 40 acres of Upper Peninsula woodlands or $20,000 in cash. Other donated prizes include a salmon fishing trip, shotguns and a pheasant hunt.

The referendum vote in November has been instigated by the Committee to Restore the Dove Shooting Ban and is being supported by none other than, the Humane Society of the United States.

Tom Remington