December 11, 2023

Maine's Mystery Beast Popular Worldwide – Gets No Respect Locally

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*Update 1:15 pm* It was brought to my attention from a reader that I miscued in calling Mr. Loren Coleman a she. I have corrected that error and apologize for any confusion or embarassment I may have caused. Thanks, Moose.

The world has watched and read as answers are far and few between as to what exactly was this “Mystery Beast” neighbors in Turner, Maine found beside the road. We broke the story for you back on Wednesday and followed that up the next day with another story. Many major media outlets including Fox, United Press International and locally by the Lewiston Sun-Journal and Bangor Daily News, have been following this story but the Maine Warden Service chose not to get involved. I have a seperate story this morning that follows this one all about that debacle.

The residents of this sleepy little central Maine town want some answers and aren’t getting much help. Loren Coleman, world respected cryptozoologist may be their only ally. He appeared on the scene and removed some specimens of an already decomposed carcass and what remained after vultures and the like had their way, in hopes of gathering enough for DNA testing to determine what this animal is.

Several blogs across the blogosphere have picked up the story as well. A popular blog, Boing Boing, has followed the story. Virtually the entire Internet is full of stories. Americans are looking for a good mystery to solve and they have one here.

Tom Remington