December 3, 2023

Montville Mayor Withdraws Gun Ordinance

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Last week things got a little heated in a debate over an ordinance proposed by the Mayor of Montville, Connecticut, Joseph Jaskiewicz with the urging on of the chief warden of the Milo Light Nature Preserve. The ordinance was drafted in an attempt to regulate target shooting in the town. It got many of the residents riled up.

Last week at a town council meeting to discuss the ordinance, over 175 citizens decended on the town hall demanding that they not be stripped of their right of self defense. It was decided then to postpone the meeting until a larger facility could be used.

Now it appears that meeting will not take place as Mayor Jaskiewicz has withdrawn the ordinance. I really don’t have anymore information than that at this time. I will attempt to get more information.

The only statement that I know of by the mayor came through the Norwich Bulletin that said:

In withdrawing the ordinance, Jaskiewicz said “this ordinance was drafted with the intent of assuring the public’s safety with respect to target shooting, certainly never to take anyone’s rights away.”

Whether the mayor will consider a re-write of the ordinance is unclear. In reading the ordinance I was sent, it did little to regulate target shooting and a lot to prohibit allowing someone to lethally defend themselves if deemed necessary.

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Tom Remington