October 5, 2022

Maine Bear Hunting Opens Today

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Bear hunters better be hitting the woods early this morning before the rains come. The weather sounds less than cooperative for the early part of this week and today’s opening day of black bear season. Right now though it looks as though those hunters who planned an early morning venture should be in good shape. Later today and into tomorrow sounds quite iffy weatherwise.

Last season skyrocketing gas prices had its effect on the bear hunt and guides, outfitters and local businesses suffered some because of it. It is my understanding from reports I am getting that although gas prices have dropped dramatically in many states, prices still remain quite high in Maine, particularly to the north.

Here in Florida, my usual gas station was advertising regular unleaded at $2.68 a gallon. My son reports in Bangor the average price is still hanging around the $2.90s. Will this continued high price of gas have another negative effect on the bear season? Only time will tell. Businesses are looking for a good season and hope the weather will cooperate.

The black bear season will be followed by the moose hunt and then right after that whitetail deer season. If hunters are eager and the price of gas isn’t scaring them away, the outlook for the seasons remain promising. Now a little cooperation with Mother Nature and everyone will be able to take advantage of a healthy population of bear, moose and deer. Good luck, bear hunters.

Tom Remington