December 11, 2023

Bear Hunting Success in Northern Maine

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My good friend and contributing writer for Maine Hunting Today Rod Davis, just emailed me from the woods of Maine. He is at Libby’s Camps in Oxbow on his vacation and bear hunt. He sent this short story with a picture of some other campers having some bear hunting success.

I am forwarding you a neat photo for the magazine. The first night of bear hunting here at Libby’s was marked by a first-time kill by 18 year old Meghan Pidgeon of Salem, Ohio. She is here with her Mom, Dad, and two younger brothers, all bear hunting.

She shot her bear on Monday at 4:30 PM but it was wounded and the guides caught up with it late that night. She made a perfect shot right behind the shoulder at 100 yards, but hit nothing vital.
She is very proud and they are a neat family of hunters. Her brother shot a bear on Tuesday and they are looking for it now.

More later


Tom Remington