January 29, 2023

Wolves Blamed In Death Of 158 Sheep In Idaho

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Rancher Ron Shirts says he’s missing sheep – about 158 to be exact out of 2,500. He says he knows 34 sheep have been killed by wolves and he’s missing another 124. He began noticing the missing sheep last week.

The Idaho Fish and Game Department has authorized federal trappers to shoot two wolves.

I’m not a wolf expert nor am I a rancher but I think I can be pretty close in my assumptions that two wolves can’t eat 158 sheep in just 3 or 4 days.

The frustrating part of this whole wolf control and protection thing is the rancher is left with little recourse. He knows wolves are killing his sheep but unless he can document clearly with fish and wildlife officials, it goes down in the books as nothing more than a farmer losing some sheep.

Officials are investigating the wolf pack that has taken up residence in that area and hopefully something concrete can be done.

Tom Remington