December 3, 2023

What Are You Tracking Today?

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One of our contributing writers for U.S. Hunting Today has been in Maine on a bear hunting trip. I have received from him photos of other people’s bear they got and yesterday I got some more photos from him – everything but a picture of his bear. Hmmmmm!

Hey, Rod! Aren’t you forgeting something? Er, uh……oh, maybe you’re saving them for the suspenseful tale you’ll be sending soon.

While we wait for that pulitzer prize story, here are a couple of pictures from the group he sent me yesterday. The first picture is of three different tracks to put into perspective the size of different animals. It shows that of a whitetail deer, one of a moose and one of a size 10.5 man’s foot.

The second picture is a shot Rod took of a misty morning someone in the wilds of Maine.

Thanks Rod

Three Tracks

Maine misty morning

Tom Remington