September 30, 2022

Escaped Idaho Elk Being Slaughtered. Wyoming Ordered To Kill Elk Also

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Yesterday I reported about the 160 or so elk that busted through a fence at the Chief Joseph reserve in eastern Idaho. Today, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has put together a posse of game officials to seek and destroy as many of the 160 remaining elk as possible.

The posse is made up of seven teams of 3 agents – two shooters and a spotter. Originally I had reported that the IDF&G had ordered hunters and private land owners to kill the elk as well. That order has since been recinded and only Idaho agents are being order to the job.

Archery season for elk is on at this time but officials have not called off that hunt in that area.

In the meantime, Wyoming has taken a proactive approach to the event in order to protect its own wild herd of elk and has also ordered its employees to shoot any domestic elk found roaming in the state.

The owner of the elk farm, Rex Rammell, has been a thorn in the side of state lawmakers from some time and shows no signs of changing his ways. Rammall never reported the escaped animals and it wasn’t until neighbors reported seeing his elk in their backyards back in mid-August.

Rammall was fined $750,000 back in 2002 for violations pertaining to his non-compliance with regulations on elk farming. He refused to allow officials to monitor his trophy bull elk for disease and refused to properly tag them as well. There were also some fencing irregularities.

Rammall was successful in lobbying the state to forgive him of his fines. It is a bit sketchy at this point in time but it appears that he began allowing at least some amount of monitoring of his herd but officials don’t think he properly tagged his animals.

If Idaho follows in the same pattern as most other states, their hasty reactions will be to ban all ranching of this kind in the state. There are over 140 other ranchers in Idaho who do a good job with their reserves and what would be typical would be to punish everyone for the stupidity of one rancher and politicians that are bought and paid for.

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Escaped Idaho Elk Being Slaughtered. Wyoming Ordered To Kill Elk Also

Tom Remington