February 4, 2023

Pro Gun Rally In New York City On Monday

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A group of New York City gun rights advocates are planning a rally at the City Hall building in down town Manhatten on Monday, September 25, 2006 at 12:30 p.m. This rally is in protest to the efforts of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others, to strip gun owners from their right to have them.

By Bloomberg’s definition, an illegal gun, one that he says needs to be gotten off the streets, is an unregistered gun. Thousands of law abiding citizens are refusing to register their guns because of fear that the mayor will confiscate them. A well founded fear I would say.

Nic Leobold a local gun rights activist put it this way.

“Mayor Bloomberg is attacking our Gun Rights across the country, teaming up with big-city mayors and other powerful elitists to erode our self-defense rights and privacy rights under the guise of fighting ‘illegal guns’ and crime,” says Nic Leobold, a local Gun Rights activist and libertarian who thought up the idea for the protest. “Fortunately, most people who own ‘illegal guns’ in New York and the rest of the United States are neither criminals nor violent. They’re just decent, respectable, honest and responsible citizens who want a dependable way to defend themselves and their loved ones and defend their Liberty, and they know Michael Bloomberg or various other government thugs will seize their guns if they register them.”

Jim Lesczynski, a local gun rights activist and member of the Libertarian Party, defends his right to own a gun.

“‘Illegal gun’ is an oxymoron,” says Lesczynski. “Any law that purports to prohibit or regulate gun ownership in any way is un-Constitutional on its face and therefore null and void. The only people who should feel threatened by armed citizens are tyrants and criminals.”

Tom Remington