September 30, 2022

Wyoming Governor Freudenthal Says Interior Department Not Doing Enough About Escaped Elk

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The battle continues in Idaho to find the rest of the elk that escaped the Chief Joseph ranch back in August. The owner of the ranch, Rex Rammell, says all his elk are accounted for, the Idaho Fish and Game Department has enlisted the help of elk hunters and landowners to shoot and kill any elk they find and now the Governor of Wyoming is pointing fingers.

This week Gov. Dave Freudenthal said the the National Parks department is doing nothing to ensure the escaped elk won’t get into the Yellowstone National Park. He said he believes the Park Service has the ability to handle this problem and are doing nothing about it.

A spokesperson for the Park Service said their rangers were in the woods looking for poachers.

When Idaho Governor Jim Risch issued an emergency declaration to find these elk and kill them all, it was on the understanding that the risks of the spread of disease as well as interbreeding of domestic elk with wild elk would taint the genes, was justifiable to the action taken.

At the time it was revealed the elk had escaped, Wyoming Gov. Freudenthal ordered his agents to shoot any domestic elk it saw. So far none have been found.

I have to ask, even if nobody else will, if the threat is bad enough to warrant killing these elk on the spot, why doesn’t the Department of Interior pull its rangers from out of the woods to protect the so-called genetically pure Yellowstone elk? Certainly the risk of disease and the future of the elk is more important than catching a few bone-headed poachers. Or perhaps the risks aren’t that bad afterall. I wonder who’s got it right?

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Tom Remington