January 31, 2023

Rammell For Governor, Ranch Sold, Elk Still Being Hunted

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Could this story have any more twists and turns to it? Yesterday it was announced that Rex Rammell, owner of the Chief Joseph elk ranch in Idaho, has sold his spread of 168 acres to James R. Gates of Hillsborough, California. Gates isn’t sure what he’ll do with the land but he knows he won’t be running an elk ranch.

The deal to sell the property had been reached prior to the escape of Rammell’s elk. Rammell has also reached an agreement to sell what remains of his elk to a friend.

Now that Rammell will no longer be in the elk farming business, he says his plans are to run for governor and unseat Jim Risch, who has been out to get him and his elk. Rammell says the people of Idaho are fed up with excessive power being used by government.

Rammell says first he must put his efforts into helping his daughter become Miss Idaho. He says then he’ll be famous and can run for governor.

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Tom Remington