December 5, 2022

Governor Jim Risch Defends His Decision To Shoot Escaped Elk

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Last night Gov. Jim Risch of Idaho said his decision to kill the escaped elk belonging to Rex Rammell of the Chief Joseph elk ranch was based squarely on existing laws.

“…..the Legislature very clearly said when they allowed this type of wild game preserve that after seven days they were no longer their property of the owner, that they’re open to be taken by Fish and Game, the Department of Agriculture and private hunters,”

The law states that after seven days the state can decide what to do with any animals of this kind that escape. The governor’s decision to shoot the elk was based on fear that the elk may be diseased and that cross breeding would occur between wild and domestic elk.

It appears there was not sufficient documentation to prove the animals were disease free and genetically pure.

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Tom Remington