September 23, 2023

U.S. Hunting Today's Product Review Specialist

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Steven and I have been trying for some time now to find the right person who we feel we could work with and has the experience and expertise to be U.S. Hunting Today’s Product Review Specialist. We think we have found such a person.

We would like to introduce you to Richard “The Bee” Becraft.

I’ve been hunting Indiana whitetails since about 1978. Shooting longer than that. I really just don’t remember a beginning to it. I mainly just hunt deer and turkey since I started having kids in 1984. One boy and a girl – born in 84 and 85.

I started working in the auto industry as a machinist and after 13 years served an apprenticeship as a Stationary Powerhouse Engineer. In 1995 I served another one in the Millwright trade. I spent the rest of my career dividing my time between maintenance and operations jobs in the power house as a welder, carpenter, millwright, machine repair as well as a couple years as a health and safety trainer.

I do enough gunsmithing and archery tuning to suit my own needs. I upgrade my skills as the needs require. I pay my tuition in mistakes on my own stuff and reaping the rewards is better than any classroom pat on the back when I get it to work. I have attended several colleges satisfying my apprenticeship requirements and my own desire to learn – from accounting and communications to tool engineering and thermal dynamics at colleges from Indiana to Wisconsin and back.

I hunt and fish all that circumstances will permit and live on property located adjacent to Hoosier National Forest.


Steven and I look forward to our future of working closely with “B”.

“B” has just completed his first product review on a Maine Vue Optics 3x9x40 Riflescope. I think you’ll find his work extensive, honest and provides the information necessary for the hunter in deciding whether or not to buy this product.

You can read his review at New Hampshire Hunting Today, Vermont Hunting Today, Indiana Hunting Today and Maine Hunting Today. We will be adding it to all U.S. Hunting Today’s hunting websites in the near future.

If you have a product you would like Richard to review you can contact us at U.S. Hunting Today

Tom Remington