February 6, 2023

A Bear With A Deadly Appetite

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Before I post some pictures I received in an email, I’d like to take just a moment and explain something about sending me hunting stuff via email. I certainly don’t want any of you to stop sending me stuff. Some of it I use and some of it I don’t but if you wouldn’t mind, there are some things that you can do before you send it on to me.

When I get stories, pictures and the like, before I can use it on our websites including our blogs, I have to verify the information. Usually, when I get pictures sent to me with no way of being able to verify their authenticity, I will look at them and discard them.

On occassion I might publish a story or a picture with a disclaimer saying I have no idea whether either is the truth or not.

In today’s world of photo technology, pictures can contain some pretty unbelievable content, sometimes photoshopped together. Often these fabricated photos will also contain a fabricated and far-fetched story. Publishing such information as fact would be irresponsible on my part.

So bear in mind when you send me something that if you think it is truthful information, give me as much of that information as you might know so that I can make an attempt to verify, even if it is only the person who sent it to you.

With that said, yesterday a got a series of photographs forwarded to me by one of our readers. The photos are supposedly of a brown bear somewhere near Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska that chewed into an electric cable carrying 2400 volts.

I have no other information nor any way to verify its authenticity. I decided to place one picture here for you to see which isn’t too gruesome and the rest I placed on a page at Maine Hunting Today for anyone who chooses to go view them. I have to warn you though that they are a bit disturbing.
Electrocuted Alaskan Brown Bear

Tom Remington