December 9, 2022

One Man's Opinion About Dove Hunting In Michigan

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Soon voters will have to decide the fate of dove hunting in Michigan. In November voters will be asked whether to continue the present ban on dove hunting or repeal it. The decision is an ongoing debate in that state.

This morning in the Lansing State Journal, I found this response to a previous editorial the Journal had done on dove hunting. I thought it was a good and fair assessment. What do you think?

From Joel Malcuit of Vermontville: “I agree with your Sept. 17 column urging us to check our dinner plates. It’s hard to imagine the moral distinction between eating a dove, a quail or a chicken, but everyone is entitled to his own boundaries.

“Anti-hunting advocates are unsettling because they want to dictate universal laws to support their personal opinions.

“The vote in November is not a survey of who likes dove hunting and who doesn’t. A vote to ban dove hunting is an attempt to turn a personal opinion into law. If people don’t approve of dove hunting, they are welcome to stay home and eat their Chicken McNuggets.”

Tom Remington