November 29, 2022

Wisconsin Youth Won't Have To "Earn-A-Buck"

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There seems to be some confusion about the rules that will govern this coming weekend’s youth hunt in Wisconsin. Kids ages 12-15 have this Saturday and Sunday to go deer hunting with a gun and a mentor but confusion is making for some unsettling times.

Wisconsin has what are called Earn-a-Buck deer zones. In efforts to better control the deer herd, officials began this program to force hunters to take an antlerless deer before taking a buck.

Because of the confusion about whether the young hunters this weekend had to abide by the Earn-a-Buck program, officials have waived the restrictions simply to bring clarity to the issue.

“This hunt is all about introducing youth to Wisconsin’s deer hunting heritage,” said Randy Stark, chief DNR warden.

‘We don’t want complexity and confusion. We want kids and their mentors to have a fun and memorable experience.”

Tom Remington