September 24, 2023

Help Wanted: Coyote And Fox Needed To Urinate In A Bottle…or a Bucket

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You have to love the Brits! In Buntingford, England they have a problem with rabbits. (No really! That is the name of the town, Buntingford) The rabbits have overrun the town including the athletic playing fields. The biggest problem are the holes the rabbits dig in the turf making for a potentially dangerous situation for their “footballers” and walkers. And I thought it would have been the little round pellets.

People in England, not unlike those in this country, don’t want to harm the little furballs, so they are looking at ways of getting the hares off the fields that doesn’t involve killing the carrot-munching cottontails.

One town councilor said she was told that by spreading lion’s dung on the fields it would drive the rabbits away. Members of the council and community were outraged. They felt that the spreading of lion’s dung would be much worse than dealing with a few bunny holes and little round droppings. But most council members still were opting for a more humane way of dealing with the critters than some kind of extermination.

Town councilors have sought professional help (God knows it sounds like the need it) and one “professional” who was willing to offer a solution said that lion’s dung is only effective on cats. It wouldn’t do much for rabbits. What he did offer was a proven solution of bunny repellent. Cover the fields with coyote and fox urine. That he said was a guarantee to get rid of the pesky rabbits.

Feeling better now that someone had offered a humane solution, the looming question now becomes, “How much and how often?” I thought to myself, “Hmm. How much and how often? I don’t really think that is the biggest question to be asking. The ultimate question is where do you find enough coyotes and foxes willing to pee in a bottle that can be used to cover who knows how many acres of playing fields?”

Tom Remington