October 3, 2022

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  1. Tom,
    I heard there was a big buck taken in Mn. by a waman with a bow = ? Possibly a #3 head) Any thing on this? Thanks Paul Kaiser

  2. I know Tom just stepped out of the woods himself for the first time in like 2 weeks but I did find this article:


  3. “Rammell runs a shoddy business. That’s obvious, otherwise he would have known when his elk escaped and how many exactly were gone. They would have been properly tagged and he could have been able to present documented proof that his animals were clean, both genetically and of disease. He either didn’t care, wasn’t required, is a lousy businessman not protecting his investment or the state government wasn’t do its job – or all of the above.”

  4. “Rammell runs a shoddy business. That’s obvious, otherwise he would have known when his elk escaped and how many exactly were gone. They would have been properly tagged and he could have been able to present documented proof that his animals were clean, both genetically and of disease. He either didn’t care, wasn’t required, is a lousy businessman not protecting his investment or the state government wasn’t do its job – or all of the above.”

    That’s a pretty irresponsible statement from someone who obviously has absolutely no knowledge of what he writes. You’re either incredibly ignorant or intentionally spreading misinformation. Ever consider not picking up your pen til you’ve thoroughly done your homework?

    Austin, TX

  5. That’s a pretty irresponsible statement from someone who obviously has absolutely no knowledge of what he writes. You’re either incredibly ignorant or intentionally spreading misinformation. Ever consider not picking up your pen til you’ve thoroughly done your homework?

    Austin, TX

  6. George Atkinson says

    Hey Tom, that 30pt Georgia buck looks like a twin to the 30pt buck taken in Maryland. Could it be the same deer??
    George Atkinson
    Florence, Texas

  7. there’s an interesting story out of Corning, Iowa about a poached buck that scored over 200.
    look on this link for basic info and pics.
    double check facts if you use it.

  8. They is a new story about the Rocky Mountain National Park elk situation in Colorado. It’s on the Colordao DOW web site.
    I tried to e-mail it to you Tom, but your mail box is full.

    Paul Kaiser

  9. Tom couple more pictures of moose you may want o show. Hope this works?

  10. Paul Kaiser says

    Here is another story about the situation at rocky mountain national park.


    Paul Kaiser

  11. I have am looking for insight and/or helpfull tips regarding bear hunting. The majority of information on the world wide web talks about hunting bears in states that allow baiting and/or the use of dogs.

    I hunt in PA and the regulations do not allow either and I was hoping to hear from hunters who hunt with out the help of food or mans best friend.

    I have been hunting for years and have sharpened my skills when it comes to the offseason scouting trips and locating natural food plots. I am by no means an expert that is why I am reaching out to see if there are any tricks to the trade to harvest one of the most elusive animals.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  12. I had placed a blog on the website on April 10 regarding bear hunting tips for non-bait areas. As I thought, no one has posted anything. It adds validity to the belief that it takes a “true hunter” with sharpened skill sets to harvest an animal over bait. It is sad to see that hunting has drifted away from the Barta mentality. If you are not familiar with Tred Barta’s mindset or apporach to hunting and life take some time and google him.

  13. BEAR ATTACK humans are so eragant: we think we are stronger than bears and they would never attack a human unless they were scared from a storm, have a bad tooth or some other REASON. ON THE FOOD CHAIN WE ARE ‘BELOW’ THE BEAR(wake up call). PLAIN AND SIMPLE: IF HE IS HUNGRY HE WILL ‘EAT YOU’!!!

  14. has anyone ever heard of or have info on building a hibernation wintering spot for black bears? have tried mich. dnr and mich bear hunters ass. thanks for any info you might have.

  15. Hi Tom
    Thank you for writing about your friend in “Crime of Elder Abuse”. It is a very brave thing to do. Elder abuse is the “silent crime of the Century”. I was prompted to put up two websites
    on this subject, after witnessing a close friend abused by his adult children. No one could helped because the children had the “noose on his neck”. Now I am accused by them of having “an agenda” in exposing the case. You have to read the case to see what injustice been done to this man.
    Your friend case is one of a growing number around the world.

    Congrats. on a wonderful site. Wish I was a hunter, but this sport is not very pop. downunder in Australia.

    If you have a minute log on to the “in the name of the mother” site and perhaps leave a short note of encouragement for my friend.
    All the best to your unnamed friend too. My heart goes out to him and others.
    Warm regards…. chaddy

  16. Feeding the deer!

    I was the target of USFWS and Idaho FG this summer when they accused me of deliberatly feeding the Grizzly bear. I don’t deny feeding deer and still do, where I live I have 12 neighbors, the closest is a 1/2 mile from us and 9 of them feed the deer and the others Im sure feed the birds. I was singled out because I am well known and do have a photo studio with quite a collection of wildlife. The real problem is that the USFWS has a problem, now that they have dumped to many grizzly in a populated area and they chose to breed we now have encounters. In a 12 mile stretch of road HWY 57 there were 16 different Grizzly ear counted by Idaho Fish and Game. In the spring this year we could stop on a the highway and watch they graze on private property. You see the problem is they need to remove them from the threatened list but realize that they would be challaanged by enviromental groups and it would take anywhere from 8 to 10 years, how many will we have then. Back to the truth, the game officers telling there story about my feeding habbits have never been to my property to see what was going on. They found the opportunity to shock the community into stopping the feeding of wildlife to buy them time to fix there problem. The officers have lied about the incedent from the beginning. The bear was trapped aproximatly 8 miles from my home, the bear after being trapped and moved never returned, He was not shot and killed at Nordman where I live he was shot and killed over 20 miles from my home. Why was the bear shot, they say because it was familure with people, The Bear was blind and couldn’t eat, you see the bear was shot in the face with a shot gun and probebly because it was looking for human food. I don’t take the blame for this just because I took pictures when it came to my house. I have had grizzlys in my yard every year for the past 5 years but this is the first time I’ve had 6 and expect more next year.

    Tom Holman

  17. Looking at the violene in our society, perhaps Leo Tolstoy was correct in saying,”From the killing of animals, to the killing of humans, is only a small step.” And German author, Johann Goethe, had some insight when he said, “Hunting is indeed always a form of war.”
    And Theodore Huess said in the mid 1800’s, ” Hunting is mrly a cowardly circumlocution fot the especially cowardly murder of fellow creatures who don’t have a chance. Hunting is a variant of mental illness.” French author Voltairs said, “Hunting is one of the surest means of killing people’s feelings for their fellow creature.”Immanual Kant piped in when he said,” Amongst all the ways of life, a life of hunting is without a doubt, the most repugnant to the civilized condition.”

    Let us not forget Saint Francis of Assisi who said, “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from their shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
    From the Greek father of mathematics, Pythagoras, ” For as long as man continues to b the ruthless destroyer of other living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain, cannot reap joy, or love.

    THe moral of the story is that humans have no right on this earth, to determine which crimes against animals men like Michael Vick go to prison for, and which crimes against nature and animals men commit before having a huge dinner of their flesh, protected by man-made, schizophrenic laws.
    Our society and globe reflect the ideology that humans can massacre animals as they see fit. Consequently, 60 BILLION “farmed” animals are eating 70% of ALL crops grown, polluting water ways around the world with manure, unrine, agrochemicals that cause cancers used on feed, and absorbed into the human fetus. Hunters kill every true carnivore that takes away from hunting, as fishermen massacre whales, seals, and other mammals who eat fish. All in all, the holocaust upon nature and animals makes this world an ugly slaughterhouse. And the children who are born with a natural affinity for LIVING animals, have their hearts carved out when they are taught, as we all were, to eat them, hunt them, hook and suffocate them, and participate in the bloodiest, longest, most egregious form of domination humans are capable of.
    What a tragic commentary on mercy, peace, justice for ALL.
    But for the mere inability to ask for mercy, animals have endured the pogrom of man thrugh the ages. Our world is the mirror image of this massive assault.

  18. Tom,
    call me @ 901-396-0062
    we are looking @ scentlok

  19. Tom Remington says

    Okay! Some of you may be wondering why I never responded and/or got back to you about your tips and/or comments. So here’s the explanation:

    I wasn’t even aware that any of you were leaving comments on this page until I discovered it today. On the home page, there is a link to click on to leave a newstip.

    That link takes you to this page where it asks you to EMAIL me, NOT leave a comment. That’s why I never got your responses.

    Now I will have to reread these comments and see which, if any, I can respond to.

    Please consider my comment as a response to your comment left above. I will make every attempt to contact you when deemed appropriate.

    Please accept my apologies for not being on top of this and please, in the future, click on the email me link above to communicate newstips to me and limit your own commentary to articles posted on the blog.

  20. Thanks for sharing

  21. A bit of fun. Calling out the weasels at PETA. See >> http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2008/03/peta-lawyer-jeffrey-s-kerr-is-total.html

    Patrick Burns
    Arlington, Virginia

  22. terry wagar says

    my name is terry wagar I’m e-mailing you because I’m at a loss as to what i can do about a very dangerous murder conspiracy against me and others, for over 2 and a half years I’ve suffered from this conspiracy, it began { as best as i can tell,} when my wife joan wagar started having a affair with a co-worker named eric carlson, there affair started around April of 2005, i had reason to believe they was trying to kill me back then but i wasnt sure at the time, I’m very very sure now! there is a very interesting fact about eric that joan tried to hide from me and my daughters, he is almost identical in appearance to me! my wife nicknamed him doubleclick, when i learned of my wifes affair i also learned of that nickname and asked joan “why do you call him doubleclick ” she said ” oh thats what everyone calls him at work,” ever since my wife joan insisted her affair was over, it never ended, year and a half all kinds of odd things was happening i started getting very sick from time to time, i suspected she was poisoning me but was not sure at the time, i am now! in early 2006 around Feb or mar i went to the hospital asking to be tested because my wife was talking in her sleep saying she was poisoning me, i went to OHSU and signed in, they informed me that its unlikely that they will find anything but they took my vitals and i waited in the lobby, i waited 4 and a half hours and they never called me back to be checked, and no officers came to question me about my concerns. so i went home, i could tell no one there cared. this is just too long to explain so i will try to get to the point, on march 26th of 2007 at 5;55 am i put a audio recorder in joans purse because i heard my wife whispering to someone in her bedroom, { i slept on the couch, our marriage was falling apart.} i heard what sounded like a guy whispering back, so i put my recorder in her purse expecting to finally catch joan in the act and laid down pretending to still be asleep, ten minutes later my wife left for work, what i caught on there was a lot more than i expected, i caught a murder conspiracy! i didn’t know it right away because the audio i got is like 17 hours long, when i heard on it she was with eric two days later i left her and moved in with my oldest daughter shawna, i spent the next week and a half on and off trying to listen to this audio, it didn’t take long to figure out i was being framed for something by my wife and her lover, and they had help! lots of help, i learned i was under INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI and these INVESTIGATORS were good friends with joan and eric and they all met up at our apartment that morning in joans bedroom, they climbed in through joans window, i learned they were there to frame me as a pedophile, eric was posing for pictures in kayles bedroom,{ our youngest daughter,} while the INVESTIGATOR named ERICA { last name unknown to me.} was taking pictures of him while kayle slept, after words eric climbed out joans window and waited for her in her car, and a john ray climbed in and helped joan put something on our computer and then he left the way he came, joan finished getting ready for work and picked up her purse and left for work, once outside joan was talking to these INVESTIGATORS and discussing what they was going to do next, joan and eric on the ride to work was discussing what they was going to say to other employees when they get there, joan mentioned to eric {you woke her up} referring to kayle, and then they discussed breaking into shawnas apartment with ERICA, after lots of listening to that audio i learned joan eric and erica planed to rape shawna and murder her and then frame me for this! they planed to use a signed check of mine to purchase a gun in my name, remember eric looks almost like me in appearance, eric was going to use my ID and one of my checks to purchase a gun, joan was instructed to collect my sperm, eric was going to rape and murder shawna, erica was going to plant my sperm on shawnas body along with other false evidence, joan and eric met up at walmart along with vickie {joans sister} and the investigators and was waiting at the front door for someone to let them in, other employees showed up and the investigators pretended to have caught me in the act, [ referring to eric in kayles room,} and saying they got me on fotogenic, once inside the investigators proceed to put on a phony show of investigating while in the presence of walmart employees while joan and eric and vickie are trashing my name to there fellow employees turning everyone there against me, joan was even addmeting eric has been impersonating me for other crimes, after hours and hours of the investigators claiming in walmart employees presence that i was doing wrong things and joan and eric telling countless lies about me the investigators gave permission to all of them to pedifie me, joan started printing out flyers about me at walmart,{ unknown to me whether they used them or not.} i learned they had me under a illegal video survealence the hole apartment had hidden cameras and the investigators asked there supervisor to take 6;30 off of joan because john ray broke in there, when i left joan and moved in to my daughters apartment about 3 or 4 days later the FBI took over the apartment above shawna and they proceeded to spread rumors in shawnas neiborhood, and was spying on us as well with hidden cameras, they didn’t know at that time that i knew they were up there, the ceiling in shawnas apartment has no insulation so i could hear them up there talking about editing my audio and discussing ways of killing me, i knew because they are members of authorities i couldn’t get help calling 911, not to mention i was very worried for my family’s safety i was afraid to tell shawna about this at this time for her own safety so i just continued to listen to the audio trying to learn as much about this as i could but for my own safety i pretended to not understand it well, about a week and a half after i left joan on April 7th donna { joans mother who also lives at shawnas apartment complex, } asked shawna if i could go to her apartment to fix her computer she said it wouldn’t work on the Internet, i didn’t want to but shawna insisted so i went over to Donna with shawna and tried to fix her computer, donna offered me a cup of coffee and i accepted, she brought me a cup of coffee and what looked like a mayonaze lid filled with sugar, i put 2 or 3 spoonfuls in my coffee and was sipping while working on her computer, finally i told donna i cant fix it and that maybe she should get a new computer, i drank up my coffee and me and shawna left to go back to shawnas apartment which isn’t far away, by the time i got to the stairs i started not feeling well, once inside i really started feeling very sick and needed to lie down, fifteen minutes later my head felt like there was acid eating away at me from the inside, not thinking clearly i called Joanne asking if she could take me to the hospital, during the drive there joan was looking at her rear view mirror a whole hell of a lot, which gave me the suspicion we were being followed, keep in mind neither joan nor those investigators knew yet that i knew about them, once at the hospital i was so fucked up and hurting in my head that i needed a wheelchair, once i was admitted and taken back to a emergency room i waited and waited and no doctor ever came and examed me, one person came in acting like a doctor but never examed me, he only wanted to put his finger in my ass supposed for a colon test of some sort, but he never asked me what was wrong, never examed my eyes or mouth or ears, never took my vitals, never took a urine sample, i was holding my head in severe pain and all he wanted was to put his finger in my ass, once done he left, a half hour later a male nurse brought me a bottle of something to drink saying i need to drink the whole bottle and then i was going to some room to have a kind of ex ray of some sort, never once did a doctor examine me nor did a doctor come in to explain what was going on, after i drank the bottle the nurse took me to a room for this ex ray then br
    ought me back to my room, about a hour later a doctor came and explained that the only thing they could find wrong was there was a little bleeding in my colon and he recommended i follow up with a colanoscopie, needless to say i was totally shocked at his blatant attempt to ignore the fact that NOBODY EXAMED ME!!! i knew at this time that those investigators had somehow interfered with my medical treatment and done something to prevent a doctor from examine me! i went back to shawnas apartment still in pain in my head, it felt like acid burning in there, and to this day i am still in pain in my head over this, about a week after this i stopped pretending to know nothing about this crap with joan and the investigators and looked up at the ceiling where they were and called them a bunch of criminals and murderers and that i was completely discuss ted with them, shawna was home at this time but didn’t understand why i did that, an hour later shawna left for work and after that all hell broke loose up stairs, a whole lot of people in suits was going up there and there was some yelling and they seemed very angry, a lot of activity going on for the rest of that day in that apartment above shawnas place, at around 8 or 9 that nite several people went up there talking very loudly acting like they were looking at something and said very loudly { yep thats a pedophile alright.} and then him and a few others from that apartment ran out of there yelling at the top of there lungs through out the hole neaborhood calling me a pedophile, from this point on they was pedifieing me openly in shawnas neaborhood, just flat out calling me a pedophile to others in that neaborhood, this hole time i spent most of my time on the floor in pain from donna poisoning me, i flat out knew i could get no help calling 911 since these were people in authority doing this to me, they stopped doing this when shawna was around they didn’t want her to know about it, i told shawna about this but she didn’t believe me because she never witnessed any of it and no one at work mentioned this to her, she believed donna poisoned me but she never understood any of the other stuff, the investigators were quite until shawna left for work and was loud when she left, they would say things like { were going to FUCK you over now you son of a bitch!} i remained in the apartment for about a week after donna poisoned me unable to walk much because of the pain, around this time eric showed up downstairs talking very loudly up at the investigators, { the investigators were on the third floor on the patio and eric was on the ground talking up at them, shawnas app is in between them} and eric was loudly calling me a pedophile and giving my description to others who were out there trying to piss me off, i didn’t go out to confront him because i knew they wanted to shoot me, before he left he yelled up at the investigators telling them to make sure i drink my coffee, keep in mind they weren’t hiding any of there murder attempts from me, after all eric and joan had permission from the authorities to murder me so they just don’t give a shit, i have reason to believe the authorities pressed charges against me and gave my disscription on tv because where ever i go people seem to recognize me, people in shawnas old neaborhood would point over at me and say “there’s the guy they pedified.” ever since i have been under attack behind my back and in front of my face, i learned from that audio that they pedified me in prison so if i get arrested for anything i will likely be murdered in prison, after they poisoned me at some point they broke into shawnas app and replaced my audio with a differant version hoping i would think its the original, i didn’t fall for that,there version is nothing but a death threat against me and shawna and there demonstrating how they plan to frame my hole family and give them the blame for me being poisoned and pedofied, and at the end of it there flat out frameing me as a pedophile using my voice and kayles, although they made the mistake of admitting somewhere in the middle of the audio that there using kayles voice, on there replacement audio they threatened to pedofie shawna if i say something about this, well they already did that, what it amounts to is they tried to kill me and shawna, i caught them in the act , and then they threatened to kill us if i talk about it and then they tried to kill us again, so it does me no good to heed there threats, as far as I’m concerned they murdered me already and there in the process of murdering shawna right now, there have been too many attempts to tell them all on this, let me suffice it to say the other nite joan and a couple of her friends came here to murder me and that plan failed, but there not scared about it because they have some people in authority covering there asses, i write this on November 13th 2007 and at this very moment this apartment is under a illegal video survielence by the FBI, and they allow others over the Internet to spy on us and make fun of us, chances are there going to murder me for sending this because they made it clear there going to cover there asses, but thats why i saved the best for last.
    p.s. the address where this ocured is 8800 se causey loop n-205 clackamas OR 97086, the whole neaberhood there has heard of this and the authorities used a warrant to kick out the tenants above shawnas apartment. in 2005 my wife joan wagar was poisoning me, and i was a regular blood donor at the time, when i discovered this i went to the OHSU emergency hospital to get checked and to report this, but no one cared. police are notified and they dont care, there covering this up by ignoring this.

  23. This is a very sad story..This guy is a sick puppy, either form poison, or drugs, or mental distress, or all three…Why would he contact you otherwise…he’s in a sad state of affairs, real or otherwise…The world is a bad place sometimes…and some people sure get caught up in it..Guess the devil’s a hunter, too! Just not my type, tho.


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