September 30, 2022

What Do Malnourished Elk Look Like?

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To be as honest as I can with you, other than the obvious conditions, I couldn’t tell you what an elk would look like if it were not fed and cared for properly. I think I could tell when a blatant case of animal neglect was present.

With that said, a hat tip goes out to Matt who sent me a photograph this afternoon that he claims are Rex Rammell’s elk taken on Sunday, October 8, 2006 with a phone camera. Here’s the photo.
Rex Rammell's elk

Here is the message that Matt sent along with the photo.

Dear Tom,
I am sending you a photo of Rammell’s Elk to show the condition they are in. This photo was take 10-8 with a phone camera so is not top quality but it is good enough to show the poor condition of the animals. Personally I think that it it totally disgusting that any animal should look like these do. When there is a big hollow under the hip bone that clearly shows it seems to point to malnutriton. I can’t believe that any person that cares for animals that look like this would clain so adamantly that they are healthy. I have seen people get turned in to the humane society for having horses that look this poor. Also keep in mind that they still look like this after they spent close to a month roaming & feeding in the local grain and hay fields. Some of which when Mr. Rammell was rounding up his elk he ran 4-wheelers through the fields without asking for permission. So much for property rights. He hollers about his property rights and turns around and ignores those of his neighbors.
Thank you,

I went to the newly opened website of the Idaho Elk Breeders Association to find a picture there of what I would presume to be healthy domestic elk and I couldn’t really find one that would show a similar shot as the one I was sent. So I went looking and found a photo of two bull elks in the wild.
Two Bull Elks

I am intelligent enough to realize that there will be some differences between wild elk and domestic elk. You decide for yourselves if you think Rex Rammell’s elk are malnurished and not well cared for.

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Tom Remington