January 29, 2023

Babysitter Shoots 422-Pound Bear To Protect Kids

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Now that’s the kind of babysitter you want to have, especially if you live in bear country. According to the Washington Post, a woman who wouldn’t give her name, was sitting for her sister’s three children – one was three and twin two-year olds.

The three-year old began yelling, “bear, bear”. That’s when the sitter looked toward the woods and spotted a bear running toward the backyard where the children were playing.

She grabbed the kids and hustled them into the house and secured them in a back bedroom. After that she loaded up a 7mm rifle and went to the back door where the bear had clawed at the screen and broken the door frame. She said when the bear turned for a moment, she opened the door just enough to pump two rounds into the bear killing it instantly.

The home is located in northern Idaho near the Canadian border. Idaho officials said that they has never had a case of a bear attacking a human and passed this event off as being the result of few berries for bear and they believe the bear smelled food cooking.

Not that it should matter, but the baby sitter was properly licensed for bear hunting.

Tom Remington