October 4, 2022

Here's A Book You Don't Want To Buy

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Joan Burbick, a professor of English and American studies at Washington State University, has a new book out titled, “Gun Show Nation: Gun Culture and American Democracy”. The book is an attempt at dissecting the psychology of the gun in American culture. It’s pretty much a left-wing ideological spin as a way of explaining why Americans should be disarmed.

Here’s a statement about Burbick and her book taken from an interview at BuzzFlash.com

Unlike so many talking heads on the gun issue, Burbick gets it. She cuts through to the heart of the psychology of guns, and how the gun rights movement has invented a fear campaign — that someone, the government, is going to take away their guns. The symbolic meaning of owning a gun is to reclaim political power, demonize minorities, distort the issue of crime in America, and distract Americans from the real issues of democracy.

Oh, that’s not enough to convince you? Then try a few of these lines taken from her interview.

Instead of addressing the root causes of the inequalities in our society, such as the limits of access to education, jobs, housing, the legal system etc., we invent or come up with crime scenarios. The gun becomes the substitute way to solve conflict in the United States, and the biggest conflict of all is crime.

Yeah, and the interviewer says she gets it.

I have been to only one gun show so far that did not display and sell hate materials, either newspapers, books or pamphlets and that was a gun show at the Coeur D’Alene Casino on the Coeur D’Alene Indian Reservation in Worley, Idaho. But otherwise, every gun show I’ve attended sold and distributed hate and racist material. Most gun shows I’ve gone to have book exhibits and some of them are quite extensive.

In addition you can buy and various posters, political bumper stickers, signs you can put up in your yard and in your windows. And you will find the most racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist material. I cringe at some of these. I’ve walked around and thought, my God, this is over the top.

Now we’re getting to the truth. Let’s take away someone else’s rights protected under the Constitution. As much as the majority of people in this country find hate literature offensive and would like to not see it displayed at gun shows and other venues, when you live in a free society, you sometimes get this sort of thing. So what do the liberals do? Work to create another law to ban and limit the freedoms granted us.

I think the challenge is to put the gun down and speak about the society, and how to fit into it, in terms of collective solutions.

That’s right, Ms. Burbick. Let’s blame it on the gun.

Tom Remington