January 29, 2023

Skinny Moose Media

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Do you like the idea of blogging and making money based on how well your blog does? If so, Skinny Moose Media is looking for people to blog about their passions, about their region, and educate the general public. Skinny Moose is a hunting, fishing, and outdoor related network looking for potential bloggers. Some of you may not be aware but the Black Bear Blog is part of the Skinny Moose Network along with 8 other blogs.

The types of blogs we are looking to create:

1) Blogs that follow state news and politics regarding hunting and fishing
2) Gun Blogs
3) Outdoor related blogs such as: mt biking, rock climbing, hiking, camping, rving, snowboarding and skiing, and more.

Must be able to write on a daily basis…

We are open to new ideas so please contact us at admin@skinnymoose.com if interested. Thanks