December 9, 2023

What's The Status On The New Jersey Bear Hunt?

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I have had some readers contacting me to see what I know about the status of the New Jersey bear hunt. Hunters are getting anxious to know and there is little coming from anywhere about it. The last I had read about it, Gov. Corzine had yet to make up his mind. He and EPA chief Lisa Jackson were still taking input from lawmakers, pro-bear and anti-bear groups.

I did find this little tidbit this morning.

According to Jay Ray of the United Bowhunters of New Jersey, there will be a Southern Region Meeting of the UBNJ for the Salem, Cumberland, and Gloucester counties on Oct. 29 at Big Daddy’s in Carmel, starting at 6 p.m. For more info, contact Doug Brown 935-0481. Members and non-members are invited, so bring your friends and relatives.

Ray also added that it’s important to contact Governor Jon Corzine and DEP commissioner Lisa Jackson, to let them know that you’re in favor of having a black bear hunting session this fall. The word is, they’re about even regarding a pro-bear or anti-bear hunting season. This means that we have to step up the number of calls if we hope to get the season. Call Governor Corzine at 609-292-6000 and Commissioner Jackson at 609-292-2885. Politicians are well known for their ability to alter their stance on any subject if the response comes from the largest number of calls, letters, or e-mails. The animal rights folks will be making their contacts, so can we do anything less?

This more or less confirms what I said previously that no decision has been made.

There is nothing about the 2006 bear hunt posted at the DEP website as of this posting, which also confirms that no decision has been made.

Bear hunters need to make some phone calls and let Gov. Corzine know you want to hunt. I believe his decision is going to be based on who yells the loudest and longest. Also be prepared. They will more than likely wait until the last minute to make a decision and then there will be a scramble to get licenses and permits.

More when I get it.

Tom Remington