December 8, 2022

What Is New Jersey Governor Corzine Up To?

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Bear hunters are waiting once again to find out if there is going to be another hunt this year. Maybe they should be concerned as to whether there will ever be hunting of any kind in New Jersey again. Not only is anti-bear hunting Governor Jon Corzine delaying any action on the bear hunt, he has allowed the regular hunting rules and regulations to lapse effectively ending hunting.

Although the anti-bear-hunting Jon Corzine was elected governor in 2005, sportsmen felt somewhat secure. … But here we are, more than halfway through another October, and hunters still don’t know if there will be a 2006 bear season.

The rules and regulations governing many aspects of New Jersey hunting and fishing expire every five years and they did just that in January. A bear hunt can’t happen if these regulations are allowed to lapse.

Instead of taking steps to get the rules reinstated for another five years, Corzine secured temporary extensions throughout the year. The most recent, a 30-day reprieve, was granted Sept. 30.

Sportsmen should take heart: Corzine can dodge and delay, but he dare not allow the regulations to lapse because a lot more than bear hunting would be jeopardized. For one, New Jersey would fall out of compliance with federal marine fisheries regulations.

The fact that Corzine has yet to sign off on another routinely approved hunting-related document, the proposed 2007 Game Code, is another mystery of Trenton, one that has no impact on bear hunting this year.

So what’s Corzine up to? New Jersey has a track record of thumbing its nose at other federal laws, why should hunters take heart that by not signing off on reinstating the regulations would be a violation of federal law?

As the writer in this article says, Corzine has failed to sign off on at least one other very routine hunting regulation called the 2007 Game Code.

I think New Jersey hunters are once again going to have to solidly band together and let their voices be heard. They cannot sit back and let this Governor or other anti-hunting groups dictate how the state manages their game. Call your representative today.

Tom Remington