January 30, 2023

Beware Elk Area 95

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Elk Area 95 isn’t quite like Area 54, the secret region in the desert cordoned off by the U.S. Government, but it might hold just as many problems for elk hunters who can’t refuse an easy shot at a standing elk.

Call it entrapment or call it what you wish, either way shooting at an elk decoy can get a bit expensive. Wildlife officials in Wyoming set up a decoy elk in a closed hunting area off Union Pass Road.

Of 29 people who slowed down their vehicles to look at the decoy, nine, or 31 percent, fired weapons at it, resulting in 19 citations and four warnings from officers.

All nine hunters fired either from their vehicles or from the road itself. A total of 30 bullets hit the decoy. “Three people shot it so many times they knocked it over,” said Scott Werbelow, game warden supervisor for the Jackson/Pinedale region.

All total, the fines amounted to $7,700.00.

Tom Remington