February 3, 2023

This Ain't Too Smaahht!!

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According to the Salt Lake Tribune in Utah, an idiot hunter took a shot at members of another hunting party because he was angry they were hunting nearby.

A 23-year-old deer hunter, apparently upset over the proximity of two other hunters, took a shot toward them Monday morning, Wasatch County authorities reported.
No one was injured in the 9:20 a.m. incident, but a bullet from Jesse Buckley’s rifle came within 10 yards of a member of a hunting party, said sheriff’s Capt. John Rogers.
A witness told authorities that at least one shot was fired from a pair of hunters standing about 200 yards from two other hunters. It was unclear if the second group fired back, but Rogers said gunfire may have been exchanged.
The men who say they were fired at were standing near a felled deer when the bullet whizzed past them, Rogers said.

Evidently, Buckley isn’t a model citizen.

Buckley has been investigated by DWR in the past
for weapons violations, Wood said. But, “this is the first time, to our knowledge, that an altercation has risen to where shots were fired.”
Court records show that Buckley was convicted in February 2005 for carrying a concealed dangerous weapon, a Class A misdemeanor.
He was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, 12 months probation and ordered to complete a concealed weapons class and pay a $500 fine.
If charged and convicted of a felony in the new case, Buckley could be restricted from possessing guns in the future, Wood said.
DWR is also investigating the case to see if a charge of interfering with a lawful hunt, which wouldn’t result in a license suspension, can be filed against the man.

Throw the book at him!

Tom Remington