January 27, 2023

Kids Are Successful at Bagging Deer

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Maine and New Hampshire just had their youth deer hunting day, and a couple of kids seem to have enjoyed it. Chris Cobbett and Nate Fenderson of Northwoods Adventures took their two kids hunting. They submitted their story with a couple pictures…

Chris Cobbett tells the story:

Last weekend Nate and I took the boys over to NH. We got down around noon and Nate had a great spot picked out for us. After a quick bit of scouting Dylan and I set up the pop up blind on a deer trail out in the hard woods. With about 15 minutes left on the game clock and it getting dark in the woods. I asked him if he wanted to stick it out where we were or go check the field. He wanted a change of scenery and so we headed for the field.

When we got there I looked over the field and saw nothing. I told Dylan we could just walk out to the road. He then grabbed me an said “deer!!!” I looked around and saw nothing. I thought he must have seen a shadow and be confused. However he was on a mission. He set up the shooting stix and I again I said there was no deer. Just about then the deer popped out in the field about 120 yards away. I still don’t know how he saw it coming through the woods.

Well it was game on from there. I handed him the rifle and he cocked the hammer. Then buck fever set in. He was doing some serious shaking. He doesn’t really understand adrenaline. He said ” Dad I am cold and shaking.” I just tried to calm him down and said just think of all the practicing we had done. Knowing the furthest we had ever shot was 70 yards and this deer was out there about 100. After some struggling to find the deer in the scope, Dylan said “I got him in the scope.” I said “Well go for it.” BANG…. FLOP!!!

At the ripe old age of 6, Dylan had his first deer on the ground, a 85lb button buck. When Nate and Tyler got there we were high fiveing and hugs were were exchanged all around . It was a very special moment for all of us. Not because of the dead deer. But because it represented all the time we had spent together preparing and the challenge he had overcome to be successful. Needless to say I am one proud pappy.