January 30, 2023

Exchanging Of Hunting Stories

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Whether sitting in the coffee shop, at home around the kitchen table or gathered around a campfire, there is nothing more entertaining and educational, in more ways than one can imagine, than the exchanging of hunting tales.

Of course we all know that every story that was ever told, especially of the one that got away, is nothing but the truth, the whole truth.

At our hunting camp in Albany, I have seen the weather treat us to pretty much the extremes. It has been so hot we actually had to remove the windows from camp and be so cold it was nearly impossible to stay warm. I’ve hunted in rain, snow, sun, wind, sleet and mixture all happening on the same day.

A typical day though in a Maine hunting camp for the opening week of deer season, would present daytime high temperatures in the 40s and overnight lows in the 20s.

Gary and Tom share stories by the campfire

The year this photo was taken was an unusual evening weatherwise. We were experiencing some daytime and nightime temperatures far above the average. This evening we moved outside to the fireplace and built a fire. This of course set the stage for some serious storytelling.

My very good friend Gary enjoys the relaxation of his pipe, while I attempt to convince him the deer was seriously big. Smoking his pipe is something Gary only indulges in a couple of times while at camp. His grandfather smoked a corncob pipe and I think Gary just wants to continue on a camp tradition. Afterall, every square foot of woods and every board in the old hunting camp reeks of tradition.

If only we could extract the stories……if only!

Tom Remington